Bronze (柏朗) Design,簡稱:BD。設計團隊由著名設計師陳曉明(BROWN CHAN)及國內設計界精英組成,專業從事高端品牌酒店設計、辦公設計、地產設計和商業空間設計,提供建築、室內、景觀、機電、燈光及藝術陳設一體化服務。以高端酒店的設計品質和理念融入到樣板房、辦公、會所等其他設計空間。在高端商業地產、旅遊地產、住宅地產等諸多領域具有豐富的項目設計經驗。Bronze Design以創新的設計理念,規範化的管理及卓越的服務流程為核心,為客戶提供高端室內設計綜合解決方案的服務,為越來越多的業主客戶創造新的價值。

Bronze Design Ltd. is abbreviated as: BD. Bronze Design's design team is composed of famous designer BROWN CHAN and domestic design elites. It specializes in high-end brand hotel design, office design, real estate design, commercial space design, and provides architectural, interior, landscape, electromechanical, lighting and art furnishings integration services. With high-end hotel design quality and ideas into the model room, office, clubs and other design space. He has rich project design experience in high-end commercial real estate, tourism real estate, residential real estate and many other fields. Bronze Design is focused on innovative design concepts, standardized management and excellent service processes. It provides customers with high-end integrated solutions for interior design and creates new value for more and more owners.